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Why are the portable generators usually so loud?

Purchasing a generator is usually a worthwhile investment. One of the most convenient generators is the portable model. They can be very critical especially if you are travelling to places where there is no electricity. The thing about most of the generators including even the quieter units is that they emit a considerable level of sounds while operating.

There is a way of measuring the level of noise a generator can produce. Currently, the only way to examine the level of noise is by calculating the sound in decibels from a range of around seven meters (23 feet).

These decibels are the units of measurement on how loud a sound can be as perceived by a human ear.

How loud are these portable generators?

These generators normally are loud because of the kind of power they produce. One that is producing around 50 kilowatts will have noise levels that are about 85 decibels, and this is quite high. These noise levels will leave your neighbors complaining, and they can pose a health risk for those around your proximity. However, the inventors of these great machines have made advancement by ensuring they curb these high noise levels. They have done this by installing fuel combustion measures, turbocharging and other technological methods of advancement.

They have gone ahead and formulated something called sound attenuating enclosures. They are made from aluminum or that of steel which is of 12 to 14 gauges. These can provide a noise control barrier for it reduces the noise levels by about 40 decibels. They are also able to effectively harness your portable generator against some tough weather conditions.

For a portable generator producing the power of about 150 kilowatts, the noise levels can be extreme, and for one to make it at least bearable, exhaust silencers are installed, one can also use isolation mounts or even make use of acoustic insulating materials.