Buying a Portable Generator? Don’t Make These 5 Mistakes!

It is very important to go through generator reviews if you are buying a small generator for camping, a large portable generator for a construction site or just for backup purposes in a production environment. This is because there are a couple of mistakes that you might make which will force you to invest in a new generator to correct them. This portable generator review covers the top five mistakes that you should always avoid.

1. Do not buy an underpowered generator

It is very important that the generator you plan to buy should not be under-powered. The amperage rating and the wattage rating should match the total power consumption of electronics you have. One mistake in the calculation of the total wattage of your equipment is to only include the running power consumption rating. When electronic equipment is powered on, it consumes twice its normal power consumption or more which should be included in the total.

2. Do not buy an off-brand

When it comes to buying a portable generator, portable generator reviews will tell you to keep off the cheap fake brands. They will save you money in the initial cost of purchase but cost you a lot more to maintain. Some of the off-brand portable generators also do not have a warranty or if they do it something like 6 months. This tells how little or no faith the manufacturer has in that product’s quality.

3. Do not buy from untrusted retailers or buy from small power shop retailer

Make sure that you avoid buying from shabby retailers who sell almost everything and will push you into buying the product which is not necessarily something you really need. Try to stick to the small shops that specialize in power products. They have dedicated and knowledgeable personnel who only deal with portable generators. They are also better equipped to give you all the professional advice you need. In case of a breakdown, the untrusted bigger scale retailer will send you to them for speculated support. If you want to stick to larger online sellers, choose trusted companies such as Amazon.

4. Do not forget to fix Jetting and elevation issues

Every portable generator will lose its power after a certain increase in altitude, usually about 1000 feet for a loss of about 3.5% efficiency. This is because the manufacturers test their engine at the seal level environment where the air is rich in oxygen and denser. This means that the generator also runs rich which will foul the spark plugs. The solution is to re-jet the generator for the appropriate height and account power loss.

5. Do not forget to consult the reviews

Always consult reviews about any particular model you plan to buy. Expert opinions are important to get the information other user have. Each product is unique and has it normal downside and upside. Go through generator reviews such as the ones provided by us and be sure that its downside is something will not affect your operations adversely. Some manufacturer defaults are also specific to certain brands only. Reviews will help you avoid bad models and go for the good ones.

In general, portable generators are best bought from small shops that are equipped with the best personnel and generator spares. There you may also get discounts for say jetting that suits the elevation of the generator will be operating most of the time. They will also tell you the right generator that meets regulators. For example, the construction site generators with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter are approved in sites for their safety.

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