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MHA Lighting – an innovative UK LED Lighting manufacturer


LED is a popular solution for building well lit and attractively designed home, commercial and industrial spaces. More and more businesses acknowledge this, driving the demand for innovative, cost-effective lighting solutions. LED manufacturers invest significant sums in research and the development of innovative LED solutions.

One such company is MHA Lighting.

MHA Lighting was a dynamic company active in the UK market in recent years.

We’ve decided to acquire the domain and publish a brief info note about the work of this company to preserve its legacy for future generations.

Its main scope activity was to produce commercial and industrial LED lighting solutions.
One of the primary missions of MHA Lighting was to provide cost-effective and environmentally friendly electric solutions for companies wishing to provide a well-lit working environment for their employees and customers. Those kinds of applications do not need a lot of power to run, so in an event of a power outage, even a 3000 watt generator will suffice.

MHA Lighting was notable for its award-winning technology allowing for the installation of fewer LEDs info light fittings without compromising the total light output. That’s good news for those running 10000 watt generators as it takes slightly less burden on their engines.

The firm’s award-winning patented lighting technology, which is tested in-house and independently verified, enables it to install fewer LEDs into light fittings whilst still sustaining the same light output.

MHA is also probably the only known manufacturer of LEDs that shine light sideways into encapsulation. This helps prevent direct eye contact and provides good light output.

Here at GeneratorAdvisor.com – our site reviewing best portable generators, we have a lot of respect for MHA Lighting’s work.

Since you’ve come to our site, you might be wondering if LED lights can be safely and efficiently powered via a generator?

The answer is “yes” as long as you go with the generators producing clean sine wave and run at less than 3% THD (Total Harmonic Distortion).

Most of the good inverter generators could easily handle the LED lights. Therefore if you need a generator to power the LEDs such as the ones made by MHA Lighting for eg. a trade fair or just for leisure use – you’re recommended to go with one of these very quiet and compact generators. They will do their job just fine.

We’re looking forward to seeing more companies like MHA work on innovative lighting solutions to make our lives brighter. While it’s a pity that MHA has been already dissolved, their work should act as a good source of inspiration for creative startups dreaming of developing efficient and eco-friendly light sources.

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