How to Buy the Best Portable Generator Enclosure

So you’ve decided to purchase a portable generator and you’re now wondering how to protect it from bad weather and minimize the noise it produces. The best solution is to purchase a portable generator enclosure. Now, there is a variety of enclosures to choose from on the market.  How to find the right one?

What to Look for When Buying the Best Portable Generator Enclosure

When purchasing a portable generator enclosure, there are a couple of things that you should look into in order to get your money’s worth and thus make a wise purchase:

  • Look for a weatherproof enclosure so that your generator can be protected no matter what the weather is.
  • Before placing an order, make sure that the portable enclosure is a bit bigger than the generator. The bigger it is, the better it will be, as you have to make sure that there’s sufficient space for it to go in and out without any struggles.
  • Steel reinforced concrete pad for better security
  • Get one that is lockable, especially if you have children, as you don’t want them to mess with it. This will also provide better protection from thieves.
  • Large ventilation openings to exhaust heat and dissipate engine
  • Vents that are equipped with hoods to keep out most insects, rodents, birds, and rain
  • Large front top cover lift-up and door for easy access to the generator
  • Wire cage fan guard to reduce the possibilities of personal injury caused by moving fan blades
  • Make sure that it is suitable for propane fuelled gen-sets, natural gas, diesel, or air-cooled gasoline (your preference).
  • The enclosure should be made from non-flammable aluminum that won’t rust
  • Hot temperature cut-out

Most Popular Types of Portable Generator Enclosures

Solid Storage Sheds

These are basically the typical backyard storage sheds used to keep various gardening tools and other goods.

There is nothing preventing you from making it your portable generator enclosure. There are just a few adjustments you should make beforehand.

You should make sure that there is enough air circulation inside to prevent the generator from overheating. Making a series of holes can improve the situation a lot.

An even better option is to build a DIY ventilation system like the one on this video:

Solid enclosures are very popular choices among homeowners. Such enclosure can protect your generators not only from weather elements but also from thieves.

Another substantial benefit of this kind of enclosure is that it’s reasonably soundproof. Even a simple wooden enclosure can minimize the disturbance caused by the noise of the generator running a lot.

Generator cover (Tent)

Not technically a solid enclosure, a generator tent can, in fact, be a really good generator shelter.

The most basic type of generator cover is the one you use to put it all around the generator and zip. This type of cover is mainly used for transportation and by no means is the ideal substitute for a generator enclosure to keep the generator safe in the rain or snow.

Generator tent, on the other hand, is a much more robust alternative. You can attach it to the generator using the strap locks. It provides optimal protection from rain as well as the hurricane winds. It is also a very cost-effective and portable solution. This kind of shelter is ideal for those who are constantly on the move. For example, if you are planning to use the generator along with your RV – the generator tent can become your best friend in harsh weather.


As you can conclude, a portable generator enclosure can really come in handy. Make sure that you take the previously mentioned tips into consideration when purchasing one, as it can save you from hassles in the long run.


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