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How much does it cost to install solar panels on your house?

Solar panels are increasingly becoming an integral part of contemporary property design. These technological solutions provide various benefits. They are environmentally friendly, help to reduce costs and they also improve the market value of the property as well. While solar might be important, not many people have insight into the average costs associated with owning these things.

The solar system needs to be installed appropriately for the best results. This might include various activities such as analysis, sizing, tilting, and installation. It’s important to work with a professional service provider to help you achieve your goal. You might have to work with a licensed service provider, who will provide you with practical solutions.

For those who are not aware, solar energy strikes the earth with each passing day. This is a lot of energy, which makes sense that one wants to invest in solar. However, this is still a relatively novel for technology, and you need to consider various factors before installing the solar panels.


Size of your property

The size and structure of your property play an important role in accessing solar resources in your home. Generally, the size of the home is directly related to the installation process of the solar system. In most countries such as the USA, the conventional school of thought is that one hose consumes 1kW of electricity power hower. The conventional value of using solar panels generating capacity averages at 10 watts/sq. That means that for each kW that you produce, you might require as much as 100 sq of solar panels.



The cost of solar resources is often volatile, and it averages between $2.5 to $4 per watt. More so, in countries such as the US, the conventional 5kw solar system will have a use cost that averages at $13, 500.

This an average of nine percent lower than a few years before. The solar panel costs are increasingly decreasing. That said, if you want to determine the genuine cost of solar solutions in your area, consider consulting with homeowners in your location. In fact, the average cost of solar products tends to differ between the different states in the country.


Solar panel type

There are two main types of solar panels:

The grid-tied systems – these systems are excellent for reducing the electrical power bill, though it requires connection to utility companies. A good recommendation is to also invest in an additional battery if the solar system fails to function.

Off-grid systems – these systems are perfect for systems where utility power is minimal and too costly to install. Just as the name suggests, off-grid systems are designed to provide improved independence, and they also work to save money.


Wrapping it up

In considering all the critical factors, the process of installing solar panels involves various key procedures. Installing these things with successful results requires multiple resources and skills to achieve the best results. More so, you also need to consider various factors such as the size of your property and more.