The Hateful Seven – The Most Energy Hungry Devices in Your Home

Have you ever wondered what makes your electricity bill so high? Sure, some states charge their residents more than others and it might sound easy to simply blame the local authorities for your high expenses. However the truth is that the easiest way to overspend on electricity bills is to simply forget to turn off your home devices once in a while.

There are a few types of devices which consume particularly high amounts of energy. Therefore these are the ones which also pose the real challenge for your portable generator, should you wish to plug them into one. They are thus “a bit” unfriendly both to the environment and your wallet too.

They are “The Hateful Seven” – just like in the Tarantino’s western which inspired our infographic, these devices can be really nasty types if you don’t pay enough attention to what they do when you are not watching. The following infographic lists all 7 of them, including our tips for mitigating their negative impact. (click here for the full size version)

The Hateful 7 - Most Consuming Devices

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