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Generator Wheel Kit

A lot of portable generators sold today are quite easy to move around. Small inverters can be carried with one hand. Larger gens often have the wheels built in the frame. However, not every unit comes together with a generator wheel kit. These have to be sometimes purchased separately. This is the case with such generators as the Honda EU3000is or Durostar 4000S. 

In this article we’re going to have a quick look at several different wheel kits for generators. You’re also about to learn which kit is the right choice for your gen. Some kits are made specifically for certain generators while others often fit different portable generators such as this PowerBoss Wheel Kit.

Best Generator Wheel Kits

Honda EU3000iS All Terrain Wheel Kit

Honda EU3000is generator wheel kit

If you want to buy the Honda EU3000is generator then you should get this specific generator wheel kit. The generator is very heavy and trying to move it without wheels is a real pain. The wheels are large and suitable for all kinds of rough terrain. All necessary hardware is included in the set. One downside of those wheels is that you can’t steer them. Besides there is nothing else to complain about this kit.

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PowerBoss 6287 Never-Go-Flat Portable Generator Wheel Kit

Powerboss wheel kit

Although this kit is primarily built for PowerBoss generators, plenty of people used it along with generators made by other brands such as Duromax or Generac generators. It is a rather universal kit and will probably fit an average medium size portable generator. However, you should always double-check if it fits your specific generator.

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DuroStar DS4000S-WK Generator Wheel Kit

Durostar 4000s generator wheel kit

If you happen to own a Durostar DS4000S then this generator wheel kit is the ideal choice. It has a very convenient handle making the generator much more comfortable to move around. The tires never get flat and are generally fine with all kinds of surfaces. The kit is also very cheap. You shouldn’t have any second thoughts about purchasing it if you are planning to get the Durostar DS4000S generator.

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Wheel Kit for Predator Generators

wheel kit for Predator generators

Predator generators made by Harbor Freight are popular choices among contractors. This is the wheel kit made specifically for them. It has an adjustable steel handle and two 8″ tires. It is a perfect fit for 4000, 6500 as well as 8750-watt Predator generators.

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Firman 1003

Firman 1003

This is the kit specifically designed for Firman generators. It is suitable for medium-sized generators between 3000 and 4900 watts. It has 2 x 8. 0” never-flat wheels, support leg and a handle. If you own a Firman gen, you should find it easy to install this kit.

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Champion Wheel Kit

Champion kit

This kit is primarily made for Champion generators. In our opinion, it is also one of the best wheel kits for portable generators out there. The wheels and the frame are made of solid materials. It has 2 x 8″ never-flat tires and a comfy folding handle. The kit is easy to attach and fits perfectly the mid-sized Champion generators clocking from 2800 to 4750 watts.

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How to Attach a Wheel kit to your Generator?

The vast majority of wheel kits are easy to set up. Especially the ones designed for specific generator brands are fully compatible with the gens. That means that you don’t need to make any adjustments or changes to the generators. No drilling is necessary. However, if you purchase a more generic kit such as the PowerBoss 6287, you might realize that some alternations are must, depending on the generator. More often than not, the kits come with the instruction manuals which explain step by step how to set up the wheel kit. Quality of those manual can vary though and some might be slightly difficult to understand.

Then you also have the kits like the one for Honda EU3000is which does not require any complicated installation. All you need to do is simply securely attach the generator to the wagon and you’re good to go.

The best idea is to always ask your manufacturer or have a look at the manual to determine whether the specific kit is the right match.

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