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Generac XG8000E

Generac xg8000e review

2019 Update: Generac XG8000E is no longer on sale. Check out the newer Generac GP8000E 8000-watt generator instead!

Generac XG8000E comes with many of the standard features found in portable generators plus a few extras which I think you’ll like (I’ll get to those in just a moment). Following through and purchasing this generator can save you a lot of headaches next time the power outage hits your area. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty details and find out if this is the right generator for you.

Features of Generac XG8000E

  • Generac XG8000E comes complete with three separate outlets. It has one L14-20R 120V outlet and two 5-20R – 1x120V and 2x120V outlets. This keeps it suitable for a wider variety of situations.
  • It comes with a wide array of protective measures meant to increase its lifespan. Splash lubrication keeps its engine running smoothly for longer while increasing its overall reliability. A steel tube cradle acts as a set of ‘armor,’ helping to protect parts within the generator. Lastly, an automatic shutdown feature kicks in when the generator begins to run low on oil, further increasing its lifespan while reducing the occurrence of performance issues.
  • A low level of operating noise further increases its usefulness in any situation you might find yourself in. It’s quieter than plenty of other generators with higher wattage.

What I like

  • Relatively quiet –  the generator is reasonably quiet for its size. While obviously you will still be able to hear it at work, its noise is far from disturbing
  • It’s durable and reliable – All of its protective measures, such as its auto-shutoff feature, durable cradle and lubrication system may very well save you a decent sum of money on repairs and part replacements.
  • The size of the fuel tank is quite large for a portable generator as well. It can hold 4 gallons of gasoline at any one time. Coupled with its long run-time at half of its maximum workload, you should get enough time to fully power a mid-size RV.
  • Lastly, its variety of outlets is a great convenience.

What I don’t like

  • Weighing more than 240 pounds, it requires a bit of effort to move


Generac xg8000e reviewWhen a 10,000-watt generator is slightly too big and a small-size portable generator is not powerful enough Generac XG8000E offers a good compromise. In the end, this is a quality generator ideal as a home backup power supply or contractor’s best friend. Although I wouldn’t call it the best model offered by Generac, you still can’t go wrong with it.


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