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Generac IQ2000 Inverter Generator Review

Generac IQ2000 Inverter Generator may be the answer to your mobile power problems. It is known for running both quietly and cleanly, making it innocuous and easy to use. That makes it perfect for home use as a backup power source. Just set it up in a corner and let it do its job, giving you a minimal distraction. It’s also a great way to power your electronics on camping trips, vacations, and other outdoor excursions.

The convenience factor is very high but that leaves another question. Does this generator produce enough power to fit your needs? Read our review of Generac IQ2000 inverter generator to learn more about its features and the pros and cons of this model. Hopefully, this will help you decide if this is the right generator for you.

Features of Generac IQ2000 Inverter Generator

  • Generac OHV Engine – comes in three settings, Regular, Turbo, and Economical to conserve power. Manually alters the engine speed based on power needs. This is the key to the models reduced noise output.
  • Unique Alternator – uses a built-in digital inverter to convert output from DC to AC.
  • Parallel Capability – this compact model has the potential to double power output by combining generators, giving it a lot of kick for such a small device.
  • Long Lasting – internally monitored to conserve fuel. At a quarter tank, this generator still has enough juice for seven hours.
  • Smart LED Dashboard – this centralized display lights up to show fuel level, battery life, and wattage use. It also updates you on the status of the generator.
  • PowerDial – the controls for start, run, and stop are all integrated into a simple dial which can be cranked to the setting you want.

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What I like

  • Quiet and Clean – Generac IQ2000 delivers what the title promises. It is ultra-quiet and ultra-clean, running with high efficiency and minimal noise, just a low buzzing.
  • Easy to Use – the interface is simple and straight forward, most of the vital settings as well as the fuel level readout being easily visible on the dashboard. In addition, the engine compartment and fuel cap can both be easily opened. That makes refueling or repairing the generator quick, easy, and relatively clean. It’s also easy to start, usually requiring only one firm yank to get the engine purring.
  • High Tech – the Generac’s digital interface automatically adjusts output to fit whatever device is plugged in. This helps the generator last longer by cutting down on power waste. It can also be hooked up to power a wide array of modern devices, which many older model generators cannot.
  • Portable – this model is made from lightweight material so it’s easy to pick up and cart around. In addition, its smooth, compact design is economical and can fit about anywhere, so it’s easy to store.

What I don’t like

  • The output is fairly strong on this device and it can be used to power large devices, like refrigerators and air conditioners. However, it cannot handle multiple heavy devices simultaneously. Either stick to small items or use it on big things one at a time.


Generac IQ2000Generac IQ2000 is an efficient, reliable model. It is pretty high tech, probably one of the most advanced portable generators on the market today. Generac IQ2000 inverter generator is quiet, easy to use, lasts for a long time and can handle most modern electronics if used in moderation. The display is large, centrally located, and so clearly labeled it can be read from a distance. This portable generator is perfect for you if you’re someone on the move, who’s going to value mobility and convenience over raw power output. It’s great for outdoor events and tailgating parties but it can also work as a home back-up. This is because it’s easy to store and can be pulled out for personal use or in case of emergencies.

8.4 Total Score
Great Portable Inverter

Generac IQ2000 has pretty much everything I would demand from an inverter generator. It’s reliable and easy to use. Ideal for powering one larger device at a time. What's more, it's very quiet, making it an ideal companion for camping trips.

Noise Level
Ease of Use
  • Very Quiet
  • Technologically advanced
  • Very simple to use
  • Easy to carry on
  • Not ideal as home backup

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