Generac 5982 GP3250 3,250 Watt Gas Powered Portable Generator

Generac 5982 GP3250 3,250 Watt Gas Powered Portable Generator – Our Review

You should not continue to register losses in your business simply Generac3250 Portable Generator Review because of power black outs. It is very bitter to make losses especially when there is a perfect solution. It may appear quite involving to buy a new generator but when you compare its benefits in the long run, you will begin to ask yourself why it took you so long to acquire this machine. Depending on your specific requirements, Generac 5982 might be the right solution for you. Let’s have a closer look at this machine.

Features of the Generac 5982 GP3250 3,250 Watt Gas Powered Portable Generator

  • Splash lubricated OHV engine – This ensures that your generator engine components are continuously lubricated to prevent tear and wear. The resultant effect is a long lasting generator. This makes it the best fit for you if you value durable products.
  • Low oil level shutdown – This outstanding feature automatically shuts down generator when oil level is low in order to safeguard your generator’s engine from damage. This feature comes especially handy if you are not particularly keen on the idea of constantly monitoring the oil level, saving you from a lot of hassle.
  • Large capacity fuel tank – This generator comes with a large capacity steel fuel tank with incorporated fuel gauge which provides durability and extended run times. It allows you to fill the tank with large amount of fuel that can run you for almost the entire day depending on the load connected. In addition, the fuel gauge will help you to determine the level of fuel left in the generator so that you can decide whether to top up or not depending on its level. This makes it a darling to many people.
  • Circuit breaker – This important feature enables the generator to cut off the flow of current in case of too much power to prevent your appliances and equipment from overheating. It therefore eliminates any worries that the Integrated Circuit of your electronics will overheat. It is therefore safe. In addition, its outlets are protected so that you do not suffer an electric shock in case you get in contact with them.
  • Hardened steel tube cradle – This makes this generator more durable and strong. It is therefore less prone to physical damage and can easier sustain harder environments such as busy construction sites etc.

What we like

  • Long lasting engine – if a durable engine is your priority, then this is the right generator for you. It is designed in such a way that it is splash lubricated. This ensures that all its movable parts are kept in the right condition without being subjected to any form of damage and thus durable.
  • Automatically shuts down – we really like this generator because of its unique ability to shut down itself when the oil level is low. This is important because it prevents any form of damage from being inflicted on your generator due to reduced oil level. In other words, the generator protects itself from damage. Needless to say how beneficial this feature is both for the generator and the owner, since you don’t need to worry that much about oil levels and other relevant maintenance issues.
  • Safe to use – with the presence of a circuit breaker, safety of your appliances is guaranteed. It simply stops the flow of current to ensure that both you and your electrical equipments are safe.
  • Easy to monitor fuel level – unlike some other generators, Generac 5982 GP3250 has a fuel gauge which helps you to know how much fuel is left in the tank.
  • Large sized tank – we really liked this feature because it makes it possible to fuel the generator with much fuel to last for a long period of time This saves you from the hassle of refuelling each and every time.
  • Strong – who does not like a strong product? The steel tube construction guarantees that the generator will perform well even in harsher conditions and reduces the chance of damage when transporting the generator from one place to another.

What we don’t like

  • While providing the necessary durability and strength, the presence of a steel tube construction makes the generator really heavy hence difficult to carry especially by one person.
  • Due to the stricter environmental regulations applied in the state of California, the generator is unfortunately not for sale there.
  • – We wish that this generator could have slightly more wattage. While 3250 watts is enough to power a few smaller electrical devices, 4000 or 4500 watts would clearly give more comfort.


Generac3250 Portable Generator Review To finalize, any time you get out your cash in exchange for any product, it is always important to ask yourself if the product you are buying is worth the value of your money. Consider looking at it as a major investment. This means that it should add value to your life and enable you to make more money by using it especially in your business setting. This is why Generac 5982 GP32 generator is worthy consideration. Although it is not ideal for everyone because of its relatively low wattage, it should definitely perform well enough in a home or RV setting. Especially since its price tag is also quite attractive, making it one of the most affordable generators currently available on the market.





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A Viable Choice

Although we wouldn’t say it’s the best portable generator on the market, Generac 5982 GP32 can easily compete with other generators offering a similar wattage. We would recommend it for those who do not need loads of power and instead need a relatively cheap and solid generator capable of powering smaller electrical appliances.

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