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Do solar panels need sun or just light?


This is a common question among very many solar panel users. The reality or the answer to this is that solar panels can operate in many kinds of lights.

The reasoning behind it is like that of a radio. The fact that your radio has access to multiple FM signals you can tune to one of them with ease.

In the same way, you can modify your solar panel according to the incident light, and this will work well with it.

The materials that make solar panels are usually more of silicon. They can create current under exposure to natural daylight. This current is then utilized as standard electricity within properties. This type of energy is considered green for it is renewable.

The most critical thing that people should know is that best solar generators utilize energy from natural daylight and not necessarily sunlight. This means that these panels do need generally require sunlight to generate an electric current. Sunlight heat does not affect the production of electricity.

This said however it is true that direct sunlight normally provides the best conditions for solar panels to harness energy. However, even in cloudy areas daylight rays will diffuse through the clouds and reach the solar panels.

There are modern designs of solar panels (like the ones here) that have included things like concentrators that normally use a set of mirrors and some special kind of lenses to maximize any all the rays of light that will get to the cells. It has however been discovered that in a clouded area these devices will be 40% as effective as it would in an area which receives direct sunlight. This brings us to a finding that the clearer the sky is the more electricity the solar panels will produce.

Despite some mythical beliefs that solar panels will only work under direct sunlight, the truth is that they do not require sunlight to be operational. Simply being exposed to daylight alone is the most important thing for solar panels to generate electricity. If you’re considering installing them on your home, RV or boat, we recommend you to have a look at these Renogy 100 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panels. They are some of the most popular in the market and constantly get stellar reviews from users who have also used them on cloudy days.

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