Champion Generator Reviews 2019

Champion 46539 4000 Watt

If you are looking for the best portable generator which is also CARB compliant, Champion 46539 is the ideal choice. It's a highly reliable product, very easy to set up and maintain, suitable for a variety of purposes. It can be easily classified as one of the generators which can truly compete for the title of the best portable generator in the 2500 - 4000 watt range.

2 Champion Power Equipment 41135 6800-watt 338CC

Champion Power Equipment 41135 6800-watt 338CC

Champion 41135 is one of the most reliable generators currently being on offer. It’s highly versatile and well built, making in an attractive choice for those buyers who need a generator which will perform well in a variety of settings.

3 Champion Power Equipment 75531i

Champion Power Equipment 75531i

Despite its minor flaws, Champion 75531i still ranks as one of the best inverter generators on the market. While this kind of generator is not designed to act as an emergency power supply for your home, it will perform very well in outdoor settings such as barbecue or camping.

4 Champion Power Equipment 42436

Champion Power Equipment 42436

If portability and low price is your priority, Champion 42436 will not disappoint. While it certainly won’t generate enough power to supply multiple devices, it will be sufficient enough for small scale use, working with one device at a time.