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Champion Generator Reviews 2020

Champion offers some of the best generators currently available on the market. The company produces large quantities of products for nearly everyone’s taste. These include small inverters, lightweight portable generators as well as huge 10,000-watt units.

A lot of people claim that Honda and Yamaha make the best generators on the market, which is certainly true in case some of the units like Yamaha EF2000iSv2. However, I would completely disagree with those who preach about those two manufacturers that these are the only two you should consider.

There are at least three other companies I can think of that make some of the best portable generators you can find in the US. These are Westinghouse, Briggs & Stratton and finally – Champion.

When preparing my Champion generator reviews I often found out that a lot of Champion generators can easily rival Honda white costing at least twice as little. Some Champion generators like 75537i in my personal opinion performed even better than the Japanese competitors!

In the following reviews of Champion generators, I have listed some of the most popular generators this trusted US based company has got on offer. I will briefly advise on what kind of situation each generator is best of and whether it is a right fit for you.

Champion Generators – Top 8 Picks

ModelRunning WattageTypeWeightAzon Aff Link
Champion 75537i 3100 Watt Inverter Champion 75531i 3100 Watt Inverter
Best for RV
3100 Inverter 96.6 Check Price
Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel Inverter Generator Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel Inverter Generator
Best for RV
3400 Dual Fuel Inverter 95.7 Check Price
Champion 4000 Generator Champion 4000 Generator with Remote Start
Best for Jobsites
3500 Portable 99.2 Check Price
Champion 3800 Dual Fuel Champion 3800 Dual Fuel
Best Dual Fuel for Jobsites
3800 Portable Dual Fuel 122 Check Price
Champion 7500-watt dual fuel generator Champion 7500-watt dual fuel generator
Best for Home or Jobsites
7500 Portable Dual Fuel 202 Check Price
Champion 100110 9200 watt generator Champion 100110 9200 watt generator
Best for Whole House
9200 Portable 270 Check Price
Champion 1500 Watt Generator Champion 1500 Watt Generator
The Cheapest
1500 Portable 61.7 Check Price
Champion 2000-Watt Stackable Inverter Generator Champion 2000-Watt Stackable Inverter Generator
Good for Camping
2000 Inverter 48.1 Check Price

8 Best Champion Generators Reviewed

1. Champion 75537i 3100 Watt Inverter

The Champion 75537i is got to be one of my personal favorites. In my humble opinion, this is one of the best inverter generators on the market and the ideal choice for RV owners. Numerous 5 -star reviews from Amazon customers prove it.

Jim from Camper Report also published an awesome article about his first-hand experiences with this generator and I am glad he shares my point of view.

So what makes this particular inverter generator so good?

First, it is VERY quiet. Even though it might not be the quietest generator on the market (read this post to learn more) it is still remarkably silent.

As long as you don’t try to run it at 100% load, you will barely hear any noticeable noise apart from the silent humming engine.

RV owners will be glad to know that the generator can easily power a 13,500 BTU air conditioner. You can, of course, use it for other appliances too. Bear in mind though that you will not be able to plug them in all at once.

If for any reason you need more than 3100 watts of power, you can get two of these generators and connect them to each other. This would give you 6200 watts in total – now this is WAY MORE THAN ENOUGH for even the most demanding RV owners!

The generator also comes with something we love a lot – the remote start!

I seriously do not get it why some more expensive inverter generators miss this brilliant handy feature.

Even the universally praised Honda EU2200i has got only the manual recoil start – don’t know if you agree with me but that requires too much unnecessary labor and is so 20th century!

Champion seriously did a much better job to make their product more user-friendly and incredibly easy to use.

Note that this inverter is a bit larger and heavier than many others on the market due to its higher wattage and the resulting bigger engine size. So forget about being able to easily lift it and carrying it around.

Champion 3100 Inverter Generator with dual start

However, it has a very solid handle and the set of wheels which help immensely with logistics. You can move it around the campsite almost just like if it was a grass cutter.

Talking about the wheels though – I wish they were slightly larger and that there was a bit more space between them and the body of the generator. Not all the campsites are located on steady ground surfaces. Some of them can be a bit more on the rougher side. All that debris, mud and little rocks can get stuck in between the wheels.

However, this is not a major issue and certainly does not ruin my overall great opinion of this generator.

If you want to learn more about the specifications of this generator you can either visit my review article about Champion 75537i or see more on amazon.com (which is the place I recommend to get it from in case you decide to go ahead and purchase it).

  • Excellent for RV
  • Quiet
  • Remote start
  • Not very expensive
  • The wheels can get stuck on unstable surfaces

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2. Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel Inverter Generator

Inverter generators are often praised for numerous features which make them better choices than conventional portable units.

They are quieter, smaller, consume less fuel and most importantly – they provided the type of energy referred to as “clean energy”.

Such type of electricity is reminiscent of the state grid and usually has less than 1% of Total Harmonic Distortion (THD). That makes it safe for inverter generators to be used with modern portable electronics. These include computers and advanced home medical equipment.

Champion 3400-Watt Inverter Generator is a very unique model among inverter generators.

It is one of the only few inverters offering dual fuel capability.

In can run both on gas and propane. That makes it a great versatile choice for those who don’t want to rely solely on gas or are particularly environmentally conscious (propane is generally cleaner than gasoline).

This generator is fully RV ready – it has a 50 amp outlet specifically designed to be used with RVs.

It would also work perfectly fine with remote homes, as long as you don’t try to connect too many appliances to it.

The 3100 running watts it offers (when running on gas) is more than enough to power a 10,000 Air Conditioner, a refrigerator, and a few lights.

Note that the operating wattage is slightly lower when running on propane, which is a perfectly normal thing.

The hose needed to connect it to a propane fuel tank comes together with the generator. There is no need to purchase it separately.

You can easily use the ordinary “barbecue type” propane tank to supply this generator.

Champion Dual Fuel Inverter

In case you need to switch from one type of fuel to another, this can be easily done by the press of the button.

To sum up I would say this is one of the most interesting generators Champion has got on offer and one of my personal favorite. I am a big fan of their 3100-watt generator and by adding the dual-fuel capability, this one is an even more attractive choice.

I would particularly recommend it for RV and camping.

  • One of the very few inverters operating on gasoline and propane
  • Quiet
  • RV ready
  • Fuel efficient
  • The wheels could be a bit bigger

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3. Champion 4000 Watt Generator with Remote Start

The 4000 watt generator offered by Champion ranks high on the lists of the best conventional portable generators available on the market.

It also stands out as one of the few generators with remote start available in the market.

This 4000-watt generator is ideal for job sites where larger electric tools are in use. The appliances I have in mind here include circular saws, air compressors, and demolition hammers.

The unit is fully CARB compliant meaning that if you are based in California you can legally use it there too.

The generator comes with 3 different types of outlets – 1 x 120V duplex outlet, 1 x 120V twist-lock and an RV outlet.

As you can see it was designed to cooperate with RVs too. However, I would personally not recommend it for this purpose and go with an inverter instead. For one major reason – the noise.

Inverter generators such as Champion 75537i (FYI – this is my personal favorite generator for RV  camping) would be a much better option in such situations.

On the other hand, this 4000-watt generator would be a good choice for those for whom long run time is the priority. It can run up to 12 hours at 50% load which is a quite impressive number.

If you want to learn more about this model, you can read my full review of Champion 4000-watt generator here.

Champion 4000 generator with remote start

  • Long runtime
  • Remote start
  • Good for jobsites
  • Inexpensive
  • Can get noisy at higher loads

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4. Champion 3800 Dual Fuel

Dual fuel generators have gained significant popularity in recent times. All for good reasons.

First, propane is a cheaper fuel type than gasoline.

Second, it is a proven environmentally friendly alternative to gas.

Third – dual fuel generators give you more flexibility and decrease your reliance on one single fuel type. You won’t have to constantly worry about refueling the fuel tank with gas if what you can simply do instead is connect a bottle of propane and get a few more hours or runtime.

Not to mention that refueling can often be a messy process while connecting a propane hose and opening up the gas valve is a very simple thing to do.

Champion 3800 is one of the best dual fuel generators I have found so far.

Connecting it to a propane tank is as easy as it should be. And so is switching between different types of fuels.

Starting this unit is also very simple. All you need to do is push a button – there is no need to bother with cumbersome manual recoil start.

The generator has been designed with RV owners with the mind.

Its running wattage of 3800W (3420 when running on propane) is more than enough for a 10,000 BTU rated RV air conditioner.

Bear in my mind though that this is a conventional portable generator, not an inverter. That means one major annoyance – noise. 68 decibels at 50% load while not very loud (there are a lot of older types of generators much louder than this) is still a bit too much for most of the campgrounds.

In general I would say that this is one of the most reliable dual fuel generators money can buy. If you have heard good things about Champion generators and want to get a mid-size dual fuel portable generator – you can’t go wrong with this unit.

Champion 3800 is a good choice for construction sites

  • Not very quiet

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5. Champion 7500-watt dual fuel generator

Champion has clearly made it their top priority to provide the best quality generators catering for nearly every taste and situation.

Inverter generators ideal for camping and RV? Tick. Full home backup supply and construction sites? Tick.

How about a powerful 7500-watt generator which can run both on gasoline and liquid propane?

This is the one Champion has got on offer.

In my personal opinion, this is one of the best generators running on propane money can buy.

Even though I have reserved the honor of the title of the best generator operating on propane for Westinghouse, the Champion’s model is a serious contender too.

I like the fact that this generator has got a huge choice of outlets. There is a 120V 30 Amp outlet (type L5-30R), 120/240V 30 Amp one (L14-30R) and 4 x 120V household outlets with GFCI protection.

These along with a very high wattage make this generator a great choice for those who are looking for a home backup supply.

It has a fully incorporated electric start – no need to mess up with manual recoil start!

From the generator of this size you would expect it to be quite loud and sadly – this is indeed true for Champion’s 7500-watt unit too. I certainly would not use it for camping or RV (why would you need such a large generator in those cases anyway? A 3400-watt generator would work perfectly fine).

On the other hand, if you need a generator for construction sites, noise won’t be an issue and you’re going to end up with a generator which can easily power even some of the most energy consuming devices like air compressors.

As some people on Amazon wisely pointed it out – noise will not be a major concern in case of sudden power blackouts in your neighborhood. All in all – all your neighbours are very likely to be running their own generators at that time too…

In case you need for home I would recommend you to buy an enclosure to reduce the noise a bit. You can also DIY!

Champion 7500-watt dual fuel generator can keep your home secure in the event of a sudden power outage caused by storms

  • Very powerful – can run multiple large appliances at once
  • Excellent fuel efficiency
  • Long run time
  • Price
  • Loud

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6. Champion 100110 9200 watt generator

This is the largest and the most powerful portable generator Champion has got on offer now.

It features a 459cc OHV engine providing 9200 running watts of power.

This is more than enough to power even the most energy consuming electric tools such as MIG welders.

You can also safely use it as a source of home backup power to run multiple home appliances. These include freezers, refrigerators, 15,000 BTU air conditioners, and garage door openers.

Remember that if you intend to connect the portable generator to your home, you need to do it via a transfer switch. Otherwise, it is not going to work and can be potentially dangerous.

As you would expect from the generator of this size, it has a large capacity fuel tank. You can fill it up with up to 7.7 gallons of gasoline. At 50% load this would be enough to make the generator run continuously for up to 10 hours.

The great feature of this generator which also applies to all Champion generators is that it is fully EPA and CARB compliant. You can therefore use it without worries in the whole of US including the state of California which employs the strictest environmental laws.

All Champion generators are built very solidly and generally attract positive reviews from those who decided to purchase them. This one is no exception with nearly 100% 5-star reviews left by Amazon customers who decided to purchase it.

Having said all of this, you might actually reconsider whether you need such a large and bulky unit. If you give it a second thought, you might realize that a smaller generator could satisfy your needs.

However, if you are sure you need a generator with at least 9000 running watts or want a portable whole home backup power solution – you can give Champion 100110 9200-watt generator your attention.

  • Can be easily used as a complete home backup solution (don’t forget a transfer switch!)
  • Powerful enough to run a MIG welder
  • Can run for up to 10 hours on a single tank
  • Bulky and heavy (a normal thing for a generator of this size)

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7. Champion 1500 Watt Generator

This is one of the smallest generators Champion has got on offer.

It is also one of the cheapest small portable generators you can get without compromising on quality.

If it is a viable choice for those only need to power smaller electric appliances. It’s 1500 starting watts would certainly not be enough to handle anything larger.

Generally, as it is the case with all Champion generators I can find hardly anything bad to write about this unit.

In fact I have published a more detailed review of this Champion 1500-watt generator where I mentioned more about its features and positive aspects (as well as a few negatives).

However, when writing these Champion generator reviews in 2019 the only reason why I would buy such a generator would be the low price. I honestly think that inverters are much better portable power solution and can easily handle all the same tasks this unit could do.

The only downside is of course that they are more expensive. On the other hand, if you like to look at things from a long term perspective, you will certainly agree with me that it is often a better idea to pay more upfront and enjoy long benefits. That’s how I think about inverter generators.

To briefly sum it up – if for whatever reason you don’t want to buy an inverter generator and need a solid small portable generator which does not cost an arm and a leg – you can consider this 1500 watt generator. If you need a more powerful generator capable of handling multiple large appliances or a modern quiet unit suitable for camping or RV – I would look elsewhere.

  • Cheap
  • Sturdy design
  • Inverter generators are IMHO a much better choice at this wattage range

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8. Champion 2000-Watt Stackable Inverter Generator

While good inverter generators come highly recommended above ordinary portable generators due to the number of advantages they offer, most of them have got two visible downsides.

First, they are more expensive.

Second, most of them operate in 2000-3500 wattage range which while fine for most users, cannot satisfy those who need a bit more power.

For example, there is no way you will be able to use them as full home backup supplies.

None of the inverter generators available on the market could also power a 230 Amp MIG welder.

However, the best quality inverter generators offer a feature which can partially solve this problem.

It is called parallel capability.

It means you can connect two identical generators to each other to double their total output wattage.

This 2000-Watt Inverter manufactured by Champion is one of those machines.

What makes it stands out from its competitors is its stackable design.

This is a great solution which can potentially save you some space and simply looks very cool.

The generator weights slightly less than 50 lbs and comes with a solid comfortable handle. Lifting it up and moving to a different place is not hard at all.

The only problem I found with this inverter was that the cleaning of some parts such as the spark arrester is a bit cumbersome.

Some people who bought this inverter have also reported problems with gas leakage, however, those were mainly related to the corroding carburetor. This is the part which can be replaced by the manufacturer on the warranty, therefore it is fortunately not a major issue.

Overall, this is one of the best designed inverter generators I have come across so far. Price is another strong point. You can buy two of those inverters for the price of one Honda EU2200i (which while expensive, is not flawless either – 200,000 Hondas had to be recalled recently in the US due to the potentially dangerous manufacturing defect).

Champion 2000 Stackable generator is a decent choice for boats

  • Awesome design
  • Lightweight
  • Quiet
  • Gas leakages may sometimes occur

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9.8 Total Score
Champion 75537i - My Pick