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Best 7500 Watt Generators – Reviews & Buying Guide 2022

If you are searching for the best 7500 watt generator, you are in the right place.

A 7500-watt generator offers enough power to handle demanding household appliances such as an AC, refrigerator, sump pump or a water heater.

These machines are also preferred choices for contractors since they can easily handle the largest work tools.

We have spent more than 20 hours researching the most popular 7500-watt generators in the market.

After carefully analyzing each model, we have eventually compiled this list of 8 most reliable 7500-watt generators currently being on sale in the US.

Top 8 7500 Watt Generators Reviewed

Westinghouse WGen7500DF

Westinghouse WGen7500DF

✅ Best 7500 Watt Generator ✅

9500 starting watts / 7500 running watts (gas)
Dual Fuel – Gas & Propane
Remote Start

2Pulsar 4000W

Honda EU7000is

✅ Best 7000 Watt Inverter ✅

Ultra Quiet
Inverter Generator
Long running time

3Pulsar 7750W

Pulsar 7750W

7750 Starting Watts
Dual Fuel
Electric Start

4Champion 8000 Dual Fuel

Champion 8000 Dual Fuel

8000 Starting Watts
Dual Fuel

5Cat RP7500El

Cat RP7500E

7500 Starting Watts
Long running time

6WEN 56877

WEN 56877

9000 Starting Watts / 7000 Running Watts
9h run time @ 25% load

7Sportsman GEN7500DF

Sportsman GEN7500DF

7500 Starting Watts / 6000 Running Watts
9h run time @ 50% load
EPA certified

8Craftsman 8000 Watt

Craftsman 8000 Watt

11500 Starting Watts / 8000 Running Watts
Briggs & Stratton Engine
Electric Start

1. Westinghouse WGen7500DF Dual Fuel

Westinghouse WGen7500DFWestinghouse WGen7500 DF is an excellent dual fuel generator that can run on either propane or gasoline. The push-button start makes it usable in nearly any situation and simple enough for anybody to use.

This generator runs for a long time. At 25% peak output, it will run for up to sixteen hours on its massive 6.6-gallon tank of gas.

A twenty-pound propane tank will run the generator for up to eleven hours also at 25% load.

Altogether, with both fuels combined, you could expect to get up to 27 hours of runtime. That makes it ideal as an emergency source of home backup power during long power outages

Westinghouse WGen7500DF is also very easy to start.

There is no pulling or yanking, just one simple button push. The remote start is an even more convenient solution and something that makes this generator stand out. This generator starts right up with no need to go out in the middle of a storm.

This generator also utilizes a variety of safety features. The low oil shutoff feature prevents the engine from seizing up. Generators are often left on their own for extended periods, and when an engine runs out of oil and continues to run, it does not take long before it is completely ruined. That’s why the automatic shut-off is an incredibly valuable feature.

On top of that, there is a surge protection mechanism that helps keep your electric equipment safe.

The fuel shutoff, however, is manual. When an engine shuts off without burning all of the fuel left in the line, it will corrode the carburetor.

Overall, as proven by hundreds of positive reviews left online, the Westinghouse WGen7500DF is one of the best 7500 watt generators you can currently find in the market.

  • Long runtime

  • Dual fuel

  • Remote start

  • Safety features

  • Manual fuel shutoff

  • Quite Heavy

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2. Honda EU7000is

Honda EU7000iS

Honda makes some of the most reliable generators in the market.

EU7000iS is one of the largest and most successful generators released by Honda.

With its 7000 starting watts, this inverter generator is one of the most powerful of its kind.

It is also remarkably quiet for its size, running much quieter than most of its competitors.

The Honda EU7000iS provides a long runtime by being very fuel-efficient. On a relatively small 5.1 gallon tank, this generator can run for up to 18 hours at 25% load. Even if you continuously run it at 100% load (quite unlikely to happen) you should still get around 6 hours of runtime.

The fuel efficiency that this generator provides is provided mainly by the electronic fuel injection system. In comparison to even an efficient carburetor, the system reduces the fuel to the energy output ratio significantly. The injection also contributes to a quieter and smoother running engine.

In addition to the injection system, this generator is outfitted with all electronic parts.

It provides a nice handy push-button start for easy operation. It also has an electronic monitoring screen that serves several functions. The display shows the engine RPM, the running hours, the wattage, and much more.

In some cases, hardware can serve a purpose better than electronics. That is why this generator is outfitted with a mechanical fuel gauge that is easy to see. In addition to the gauge, a manual switch allows an easy switch between 120V and 240V.

All of these special electronic features come together to make this generator quiet. It only makes about as much noise as people talking, maxing out at just 58 decibels.

This is by far the quietest 7000-watt generator you can currently find in the US.

On the negative side, electronic parts this generator is equipped with are quite costly and can make repairs or replacements expensive.

However, Honda’s warranty and reliable customer service has got you covered in most of the cases. Therefore the maintenance should not be an issue for you at all.

  • Long runtime

  • Very Quiet

  • Electronic fuel injection

  • Electric start

  • Electronic monitoring system

  • Expensive electric parts

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3. Pulsar 7750W

Pulsar 7750WThis Pulsar generator is a great option for those needing a dual fuel generator running either on gasoline or propane. The thing that makes the generator stand out, however, is that the fuels can be switched easily while the unit is still running.

This generator is easy to move from place to place on its no-flat rubber tires. Extending handles stay out of the way when they are not in use.

The generator has a variety of receptacles and outputs to choose from.

There are 4 standard style 120V outlets suitable for home appliances. There are also 2x twist-lock type receptacles, one at one 120 volts, the other can be set at 120, or switched to 240 volts, for larger appliances.

The digital display on the unit keeps track of essential functions along with an oil alert light. Along with the easy-to-read electronic display, the electric start makes this generator extremely user-friendly.

The most notable feature of this generator is its dual-fuel system. While there are many options out there that offer fuel-switching options, only this unit has a special switch and go technology [1]. This patented technology allows the fuel to be seamlessly switched while the unit is running.

  • Dual Fuel

  • Variety of receptacles

  • Digital display

  • Electric start

  • Heavy

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4. Champion 8000 Dual Fuel

Champion 8000 Watt Dual FuelThis dual-fuel generator is a great option for colder climates or being used in the winter. The electric starter with cold start technology gets the generator going when others might let you down.

This generator provides options with fuel switching technology. It can be run on either gasoline or propane.

It is also relatively safe for delicate electronics with patented Volt Guard technology (although we’d still recommend going with a proper inverter generator).

The digital display makes it simple to keep track of the running and fuel status of the generator. The electric starter adds to the ease of using this unit.

The Champion 8000 runs efficiently in most of the circumstances. When running on gasoline, this unit will work for up to 8 hours at 50% load on a 6-gallon tank. It will run for 5.5 hours when running on propane. In addition to being efficient with multiple types of fuel, it is easy to start in extreme weather conditions. The special cold start technology [2] makes it easy to get this unit running during heavy storms in the winter when similar models may have a harder time starting up.

At 74 decibels at a distance of 23 feet, this generator is a bit noisier than some comparable models. It is, however, still not much louder than a vacuum cleaner.

Overall, if noise is not your major concern and what you need is a good dual fuel 7500 watt generator suitable for higher altitudes – you should consider the Champion 8000.

  • Dual fuel

  • Volt Guard

  • Cold start

  • Loud at higher loads

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5. Cat RP7500E

Cat RP7500EJust like most of the machines made by Cat, this 7500-watt generator can be counted on, and it shows. With the signature bright yellow color and CAT logo, it is easily recognizable. The known reliability of the CAT brand makes it easy to know this generator will do a great job, on the road, on the job site or at home.

The large wheels are built to handle the rough terrain of a construction site. Puncture-proof and heavily treaded these wheels will make moving this generator from place to place easy, even in bad conditions.

In addition to rugged mobility, this unit has all of the outlets needed for small or large construction projects, or as a backup for home power outages. This unit has a long runtime of up to 11 hours at 50% output. In addition to running power, these generators are equipped with lithium-ion batteries for a starter that charges every time that the unit runs. That means that these generators are ready to start up immediately whenever power is needed with a push of a button.

While many similarly-sized 7500-watt generators offer the ability to switch between gasoline and propane, this model runs on gasoline only. What it lacks in versatility it makes up for in dependability. Without the extra parts for switching fuel, this generator is less likely to break down in many cases.

  • Famous brand

  • Large functional wheels

  • Large choice of outlets

  • Long runtime

  • Gasoline only

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6. WEN 56877

WEN 56877This hardy generator is perfect for use as an emergency home unit for when the power goes out. The unit is even better for camping because it has a spark arrestor, which is required for a generator to be used in US National Forests and National Parks.

WEN 56877 is easy to get from place to place. A sturdy bar frame makes lifting simple. The collapsible handles and no-flat wheels make it easy to move the unit from place to place once it is unloaded.

This generator is built to last and employs safety features to ensure that it does. Continuing to run an engine once it runs out of oil is one of the easiest ways to burn it out. To prevent this from happening, this unit shuts itself down when it becomes low on oil.

At times, it is difficult to tell which outlets are receiving power on some generator units. Fortunately, this is not the case with this model. Bright red indicator lights mark which receptacles are live and ready to use.

WEN generators are generally famous for offering good quality at affordable prices. This is the same case with the model 56877  Low price tag is, without doubt, its big selling point.

We could only wish that this generator was a duel fuel model. However, even when running only on gas, it’s still a fuel-efficient and reliable unit suitable for long power shutoffs.

  • Low Price

  • Low oil shutdown mechanism

  • Voltage regulator

  • Indicator lights

  • Spark arrestor

  • Gas only

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7. Sportsman GEN7500DF

Sportsman GEN7500DF

Sportsman GEN7500DF is a reliable dual fuel generator with an electric start.

This generator also has an automatic shutdown when it runs out of fuel.

This keeps the engine in good health for longer.

This generator is equipped with seven outlets of varying types suitable for different uses. Four of them are standard home outlets for plugging appliances indirectly. There is also a DC car outlet. One of the two locking RV outlets allows for 240V outputs and both for 120 volts.

The gas tank has got a total capacity of 6.2 gallons.

You can expect this generator to run continuously for up to 9 hours at 50% load when running it on gas.

One bottle of propane obviously won’t last that long. But you should still be able to get an additional couple of hours, making the total runtime of this generator oscillate around 15 hours at 50% load.

As for the downsides – the generator is unfortunately quite loud. 80 dB is loud enough to cause nuisance, even during emergencies. The unit is also heavy to move around. You should schedule the delivery in advance and make sure somebody helps you with unloading.

  • Dual fuel

  • Low oil shutdown

  • Large choice of outlets

  • Loud

  • Heavy

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8. Craftsman 8000 Watt

Craftsman CMXGGAS030791This is a large and powerful generator that puts off dangerous fumes that can be dangerous in an enclosed environment. This generator eliminates some of that risk by incorporating a built-in carbon monoxide detector. If the levels of carbon monoxide become dangerous, the generator automatically shuts down, saving lives and brain cells.

The generator produces generates 8000 running watts of power. This is what most of the comparable generators make at peak output. That makes it an ideal option when it comes to running larger equipment.

In many instances, fuel efficiency suffers when generators become larger with a higher output. This unit, however, is impressively efficient for its size. At 50% capacity, this generator can run for up to 11 hours on one 8.5 gallon tank.

Although this generator is very large, it is impressively portable. The fold-down handles and large, flat-proof wheels make the unit simple to roll from one place to another.

This is one of the most powerful generators of its class on the market, so it comes with some mild disadvantages. First, it offers less flexibility and is more expensive to run than dual fuel generators. It also a bit larger and heavier than similar units.

However, it is still a very reliable unit and a good emergency home backup solution.

  • Long running time

  • Large choice of outlets

  • Carbon monoxide detection mechanism

  • Large size

  • Gasoline only

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9.8 Total Score
Our Pick - Westinghouse WGen7500DF