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Hello and welcome to my website! It’s great to have you here!

My name’s Craig – your Generator Advisor. I am a general contractor from Dallas, TX.

I run this website together with my wife Melissa as our little side hustle.

I’ve been working on numerous construction projects all around Texas for the past 30 years. It’s the job I deeply love and would not exchange it for anything else. In fact, building things got so deeply ingrained in my personality that I quickly became a big fan of DIY projects which I often work on in my spare time inside my garage.

Both me and Melissa are also big fans of nature. That’s why almost every weekend we take our RV and go camping in the great American outdoors. We also have a great circle of friends with whom we often do tailgating parties.

What do all these things – construction, DIY at home, camping, RV, and tailgating have in common? You guessed it!

The generators – our overlooked best friends which literally give us the power to do the things we love.

We can honestly say we’ve used dozens of different types of portable generators to power up all sorts of tools and devices both during my time at construction sites and in the times of leisure. Through all these years we’ve learned which ones serve their purpose best. Some of them can be awesome for job sites but terrible for camping (they’re way too loud). Some quieter generators would serve the RV well but won’t be the best choice for construction when you often need a generator as powerful as 7500 watts.

Finally, if you want to power the whole house in case of the emergency blackout – you might want to invest in the standby model. That’s what I did several years ago to provide better protection for my home and family.

We’ve built this site to help you make the right choice. There are tons of portable generators on the market and the sales assistants at Homedepot or Lowe’s are not exactly known for being honest and helpful when advising their customers.

We’ve created the Generator Advisor to give you unbiased reviews and advice on generators and other tools you use for work and home.

Our goal is to help you find a generator that will serve your needs best.

I hope you enjoy browsing our site!

Craig & Melissa