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Generator Advisor reviews the best generators and helps you choose the right generator for your home, worksite, RV, store or any other place you need it for. Whether it is a quiet portable generator, standby whole house generator or a solar generator you are looking for - we have prepared the professional generator reviews for you.


What is an Inverter Generator?
A couple of years ago when Honda released first generators equipped with the inverter technology, I had the same question[...]
Solar Generator Reviews – Which One is The Best?
So you're on a lookout for a portable solar generator capable of powering up your laptop, smartphone, drone or GoPro[...]
Does a whole house generator add value to your home?
As a homeowner, you must be well aware of how hard it is to place a monetary value on the[...]
How Long Can a Whole House Generator Run Continuously?
Blackouts are nothing new, but some events can occur like storms that will lead to prolonged periods of power interruption.[...]
Best Whole House Generator Reviews 2019
If you live in the area prone to the damage caused by hurricanes, you should invest in the best whole[...]
How many solar panels are needed to power a home?
Did you know that the sun generates so much solar energy in an hour enough to satisfy global energy needs[...]
Do solar lights work on cloudy days?
Solar lights are a great add-on to any home. They give charm to your decks, create a soft glow in[...]
How to Buy the Best Portable Generator Enclosure
So you've decided to purchase a portable generator and you're now wondering how to protect it from bad weather and[...]
Standby vs Portable Generator – which one is a better choice
  Every time there’s a power outage, you start hearing the sound of generators rumbling. It’s at this point that[...]
Do solar panels need sun or just light?
  This is a common question among very many solar panel users. The reality or the answer to this is[...]
Buying a Portable Generator? Don’t Make These 5 Mistakes!
It is very important to go through generator reviews if you are buying a small generator for camping, a large[...]


Generac IQ2000 Inverter Generator Review
Generac IQ2000 Inverter Generator may be the answer to your mobile power problems. It is known for running both quietly[...]
Duromax XP4850EH Review
Dual fuel generators offer a great alternative to conventional generators running on gasoline. The main promises they make are the[...]
Champion 75531i 3100 Watt Inverter Generator Review
Champion Power Equipment 75531i Inverter Generator 3100 Watt has in recent times emerged as one of the highest quality inverter[...]
Westinghouse WH2000iXLT Review
Westinghouse WH2000iXLT is a portable inverter generator suitable for a wide range of small scale applications. Talk of supplying power[...]
Champion 4000 Watt Generator Review
Champion 4000 Watt Generator ranks very high among portable generators, offering plenty of  significant advantages. While we cannot say it is[...]
Westinghouse WGen7500 Review
A portable generator will keep your family secure and safe when the power goes out. You may bring the generator[...]
Duromax XP4400E Review
Your home and your family deserve to have the peace-of-mind that comes with owning a generator. In this turbulent economic[...]
Duromax 10000 Watt Generator Review
Duromax XP10000E 10000 watt generator is a powerful device that you can use on construction sites or as an emergency[...]
Champion 6800 Watt Generator Review
They say experience is the best teacher. You learn a lot about something after you have seen or used it[...]
Champion 1500 Watt Generator Review
Champion Power Equipment has built its reputation on the back of its products, and the Champion 1500 watt generator is[...]
Duromax XP4000S
DuroMax XP4000S 7.4 HP Air Cooled OHV Gasoline Powered Portable RV Generator is not only one of the best Duromax[...]
Generac GP7500E Review
Generac GP7500E is a generator that gives both flexibility and comfort, style and aesthetics as well as a convenience during[...]
Generac GP 3250 Review
You should not continue to register losses in your business simply because of power black outs.  It may appear quite[...]
Generac XG8000E
Generac XG8000E comes with many of the standard features found in portable generators plus a few extra which I think[...]
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